What the World Needs Now ~ Magic, Truth, & Courage

When Circe revealed herself as being my Spirit Guide, I didn’t know who she was.  A Google search turned up the telling of her tale in Homer’s Odyssey”.  Homer portrays a vengeful woman, who turns men into swine in a jealous rage.  I could find no positive portrayal of her in the mainstream texts.  My heart ached.  How could this terrible creature be my guide?  What had seemed to be a beautiful spiritual awakening had turned into a nightmare.  I fell into utter despair.  Then Circe came to me with the calm, gentleness I have come to associate with her.  She introduced me to Giordano Bruno.  For those of you who are not familiar with him, as I was not, he was an Italian monk in the late 1500’s, who ended up defying the Catholic Church and was eventually burned at the stake, on Ash Wednesday, 1600.  He grew up at the base of Mount Vesuvius where the tales of the gods and goddesses were still revered.  He had a very close relationship with the goddess of magic.  He gives an intimate portrayal of her in “The Incantations of Circe”.  I believe he wrote this story to get people to think about the “Truth” and to take a stand against a religious institution which had become so severely corrupt.

Bruno shows us how Circe changed men into animals, only when she had to, in order to protect the innocent.  The men who showed that their true nature was more animalistic than human, had to be exposed for what they were and stopped from being able to inflict harm.  By turning them into animals, not only were people able to see them in their true form, but she also took from them their greatest weapons.  Firstly, the gift of speech, for that is the most powerful tool for causing harm.  Words can be cunning, manipulative, and hurtful.  Secondly, she took their hands–their ability to forge and wield weapons.  What Circe did, she did so to protect the humanity that she loves so much, and to make the world a better place.  Circe is much more than the goddess of magic, she is the goddess of truth and courage.  She urges us to speak the truth and expose the intolerable, even when people don’t want to hear it.  I could not be more grateful to have her as a guide.

She has a message that she wants to be delivered to the world.  “What the world needs now, is an invasion of Giordano Bruno’s.  Watchers who have the courage to speak the truth and expose the darkness, regardless of the consequences.”

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