A Witch’s Rant

The modern day dictionary doesn’t give a very attractive definition of the word “witch”.  Research the etymology of the word, and you will find just as many theories on its origins as there are modern day definitions.  In the most ancient sources, the word is almost always used in association with wisdom.  The Old English word, “wicce/wicca” relates to the “awakened one, watcher”.  There is also an association with the Germanic root “wic” meaning “to bend, or to turn”.  For me, the word represents one who is awakened to state of consciousness that allows the bending of the material.  For me, witchcraft, is the path that leads to the awakened state.  And if one is awakened then one is wise. The two go hand in hand.  If there is no wisdom in your magic, then you are not a witch and you are not performing magic.  If your enchantments are intended to cause suffering, they are not enchantments, they are curses.  Too long we have tolerated these misrepresentations of the “Craft”.

There are many paths that lead to ascension.  And they all, at this point in our evolution , witchcraft included, are riddled with the lens of a low-vibrational human filter.  It is time for a great culling.  It is time to weed out all interpretations, practices, and dogma that deny us our divine right of sovereignity, regardless of which path we are on.

My sister practices in the way of the evangelical, and yet, she is experiencing many of the same ascension symptoms as I am.  She gave me great insight, into how to interpret the dreams, that contain the messages from my guides.  She has found the wisdom in her chosen practice.  For those parts of the evangelical teaching that do not resonate with wisdom, she simply disregards.  It is a great example, and one I intend to follow in the practice of my craft.


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