13 Reasons to Walk Your Way

Each of us chose to incarnate on this Earth in order to express one totally unique, absolutely fabulous, shining glorious aspect of the Goddess’s dream.  Society is designed to lead us far from this path.  It takes diligence and courage to find “the way”.

Each sector of the chart tells you the specifics of what you need to shine your light.

1.)  Where we find the sun tells us where we want to shine.

2.)  The first sector defines the identity we need to shine.

3.)  The second sector defines the material resources we need to shine.

4.)  The third sector defines the communication and navigation skills we need to shine.

5.)  The fourth sector defines the type of home we need to shine.

6.)  The fifth sector defines what we need to get our creativity flowing so that we can shine.

7.)  The sixth sector defines what daily practices and routines we need to keep our physical and mental body healthy so we can shine.

8.)  The seventh sector defines what we kind of partnerships our creations need to shine.

9.)  The eight sector defines how to invest our creations back into humanity so the whole world can shine.

10.)  The ninth sector defines how we can grow and expand our awareness so are creations can be refined and polished so that they can shine.

11.)  The tenth sector defines how we can best present our creations to the world–the stage where we shine our light.

12.)  The eleventh sector defines the how we can share our creations and collaborate with others to make new creations for humanity and shine even brighter.

13.)  The twelfth sector defines the daily practices and routines we need to keep our spirit healthy so that we can shine.

The chart is a way of life, each sector acting in harmony with the others and dependent on one another.  We cannot just examine one area of the chart to experience long lasting improvement in our lives.  We must live the chart as a whole.

Are you tired of the rat race?  Are you tired of the struggle?  Take my hand, turn around, and walk your way! Sign up for a “Walk Your Way” Zoom reading or for my e-mail subscription service to receive a bi-weekly custom written mini-chart reading.

Accurate birth time and birth place are required for all readings. If you don’t know your birth time, you might find it on your birth certificate, hospital record, or from a family member.


Why are my sessions so affordable? The astrological chart is a way of life. It shows us where we want to shine and exactly what we need to shine. We all have somewhere to pay it forward, a place to invest back into humanity. It’s a requirement of living in the way. Our investment is as unique as our personal expression of divinity. This is my investment. It’s not charity, it’s an investment. An investment returns a yield for the investor (in this case, in the form of a better and new earth) while at the same time empowering the receiver. Whereas, charity is very beneficial for the giver, but for the receiver can be more akin to a band-aid with salt on it. Because this is an investment for me, it is not my full time occupation and my hours are limited. At $15.00 a session, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Book a session. Rise and free yourself.

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Every other week, (twice a month) you will receive a mini-reading from me detailing one portion of your map.  Each map is unique, some are short and easily traversed, some are long, winding ’round mountains and through valleys.  I will send you readings, every other week until your personal map is complete.

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