Dharma awoke into the murky blue mists of the dreamscape.

Standing before her, she sees a beautiful young girl with long flowing yellow hair. To one side of the girl is an immaculately clean bathtub overflowing with crystal clear water. And to the other, is a tiny house perfect in its order and beauty.  Behind the girl is a clothesline filled with towels of all types, bath-towels, tea-towels, and dishcloths.

The girl before her echoes a thought into Dharma’s mind.  “I am Tatiana and I am here today as your sister.  What is it that you see around me?”

Dharma walks up to the tub and surveys the room to see if there is any damage from the overflowing water.  As she looks around, the water starts to recede.  She goes to the clothesline to grab a towel but can see that these towels are still very wet and would not be of much use.  Looking back, Dharma can see that the carpet around the tub has already begun to dry out.  Deciding that this problem is taking care of itself and does not need her attention, Dharma turns her focus to the tiny house.  An overwhelming longing takes hold as she makes her way through the small space.  Dharma wonders if she could make this a home for herself.  As she turns to make her way back out of the house, her gaze falls upon a half-eaten brownie alongside a half-empty cup of coffee.  Her heart falls as she realizes the house is already occupied.

Just as she is getting lost in this emotion of longing and loss, she turns to Tatiana and inquires, “Sister, what does it all mean?”

“The flooding of the water is your emotional state.  You have recently suffered under the weight of “not enough” and you are teetering on the edge of an emotional outburst of despair.  I bring you a flood of water to wear away at impossible obstacles and blockages.  I see your suffering.  I am here to give you comfort and courage.  We are sisters, Dharma, because we both gave up marital unions and family life to lead the people back to source and to remind them of their own divinity.  I suffered greatly for that action.  Those influenced by the geldrbaryn tortured me and made me a Martyr.  It was because of a benevolent woman who carried my name, that the students of the Ukraine and the Soviet States adopted me as their patron saint.  I am Tatiana, patron saint of students.  My blonde hair represents a student’s ideas coming to life and being noticed.  In the face of my trials, the financial hurdles you see are as insignificant as the ants under your feet.  These burdens are taking care of themselves as we speak, one simply must have patience as the towels dry on the line.  For a fledgling businesswoman, the ZhouGong tells us the towels are to herald your success.  They also represent the money that serves you and your daughter.  Just be patient, keep up with your efforts, have the confidence and crystal clear thinking of pristine waters, continue to let your life-force flow freely to express clearly your gifts, and the clothesline will do its’ work.   The tiny house you long for is not inhabited by another human being, it is inhabited by an abundance of joy and sweet emotions invoked by the brownie and the comfort and companionship embodied by the coffee.  I urge to keep moving forward with your current work Dharma, and the comfort and security of a tiny house that is filled with an abundance of joy and companionship will be yours.  I leave you now to your work little sister, take comfort for I am here.”

Dharma woke, the dreamscape flooded into her mind’s eye and she was totally aware.  She jumped up to calculate where Tatiana fell in her own chart if there even was an asteroid Tatiana.  And there, in her massive asteroid guidebook, she found it–asteroid 769, Tatjana.  It had to be her.  She was retrograde in the birth chart side-by-side with Eros retrograde as well holding the seventh key.  And today she was linked to retrograde natal Pluto beholding the sixth key of daily work and activities.

For the first time in many, many moons, she remembered.  She could see the dreamscape and decipher the code it contained. “Jamie!”  Dharma cried out in her mind.  “I remember, its coffee and brownies for breakfast–I remembered the dream!”

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